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5 Most Common Workout Injuries

Gym injuries are something that is common to people who workout and even people who are fit get them. There are many injuries that people get, but here is some of the most common workout injuries that even fit people get:

Strained shoulders

Shoulders are one of the few body parts that usually end up getting strained, especially the muscles. This is because shoulders are one of the most commonly stressed when working out. Many who workout tends to have bad posture when lifting weights and there’s also some overuse of their shoulders when working out. When you experience pain in your shoulders, let them have a break and some rest in order to not damage or injure them. Some serious damage ends up with a need for surgery cause of muscle tears.

Pulled or torn hamstrings

Hamstrings are one of the most commonly injured when it comes to doing intense workouts connected to legs. The damage to these parts is caused by weak muscles in the legs. It can also be due to the tightness of the hamstrings in the legs or the imbalanced leg muscles. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles on the legs, most importantly the hamstrings part, in a not too fast paced manner.

Runner’s knee

This is the most common injury for runners, especially those who do long distance running like marathons. Around 40% of runners experience this kind of injury due to a problem with the cartilage which is located under the kneecaps. In order to prevent this from happening, there will be a need to strengthen and improve the muscles on the hips, quad, and glute and also in doing some workouts to shorten the stride.

Runners knee

Strained back

Many of people who work out experience this type of injury, including those who have been working out for a long time. The reason behind this is the daily lifestyle of every person which is usually spent on sitting on chairs in front of the computer or the office desk. Prolonged sitting can make the muscles on the back weak because of not moving a lot. Usually, those who work out end up doing hard training right away which causes damage on the back muscles. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended to make the difficulty of the training gradual. It can also be recommended to do some stretching after sitting down for too long to keep the back muscles from being weak.

Cruciate Ligament Injuries

A problem which is more common with different people involved in sports, this problem with the knees has been known to be caused by the sudden change in directions and the constant jumping most athletes do when they are in their respective play areas. Many athletes, both professionals and amateurs are known to have retired because of a tear on either their Anterior Cruciate Ligament or Posterior Cruciate Ligament and some have even needed surgery.